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Published July 28, 2010 by tootingtrumpet

The Cricket Lexicon

LexiconA brief lull in the relentless programme of cricket gives The Googly chance to dip once more into the Cricket Lexicon for more of its unrivalled wisden wisdom. The Great Readership are, of course, invited to submit their contributions to this bulging blockbuster.

Marknicholas (v.i) – A grooming routine designed to make up for falling levels of testosterone. Usage – Once he got to 45, first it was the motorbike, then the designer shirts – now I can barely get in the bathroom in the morning because he’s in there marknicholasing for anything up to an hour!

Tresco (n) – The missing part of a machine, which renders the whole much less effective. Usage – “Of course you can ride a bike with just the big chain ring, but the small chain ring is the Tresco that speeds things up”.

To Botham (v.i) – To repeat something continually in the mistaken belief that your auditor will understand it better the tenth time he / she hears it. Usage – “Stop that bothaming and get the phrasebook out”.

To Colincroft (v.i) – To speak interminably in an increasingly repetitive way, but to be immune from criticism because everyone is scared of you. Usage – “Remember Mr Jones the geography teacher? He used to colincroft his way through those lessons, but we never said anything because he would slap you one with the ruler.”

To Bowden (v.t) – To transform a role previously entirely procedural into an attraction in itself by dint of the ego of the incumbent all the while getting on everyone’s nerves. Usage – “Ulrika Jonsson did the weather forecast for TV AM, but bowdened the job into a key element of the show”.

Click for more from the Cricket Lexicon – much of which was contributed by Lee Calvert, Clare Davies, Carrie Dunn and Nestaquin.


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