The Rumble in the Jungle

Published April 23, 2011 by tootingtrumpet

The Man and The Man

“In fact Ali at times now looks as if he can hardly lift his arms.

Oh – he’s got him with a right hand. He’s got him. Oh… you can’t believe it. And he’s doing his shuffle. And I don’t think Foreman is going to get up. He’s trying to beat the count. AND HE’S OUT. Oh my God, he’s won the title back at 32. Muhammad Ali. And everybody is fighting to get into the ring now. Ali is Heavyweight Champion of the World at 32, in the eighth round by a knockout.”

He took on Foreman at his own game, and he beat him at it. Look at these scenes in the ring, it’s the most amazing thing. And Foreman’s still on the floor among all that crowd and they’ve only just got him off. Have you ever in your life seen anything like that. He fought his own sort of fight, and people now are going mad.”

Harry Carpenter 1925 – 2010


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