World Athletics Championships – Ten to watch

Published August 27, 2011 by tootingtrumpet

Everton Mint... possibly.

Sesame Baps – The Californian pole vaulter who always hits the bed hard will be looking to take the gold if she can get past the photographers.

Unisex Barber – Sprint sensation from the Bahamas who will be looking to blow up a storm in the 100 metres.

Everton Mint- Jamaican they are calling the new Usain Bolt. When asked about his chances, he replied “Sweet.”

Tall Skkinnilatte – Finnish javelin thrower who planned to throw a javelin over the Finland – Russia border until someone sent him a link to the video of Nena’s 99 Balloons.

Cinnamon Muffin – Diminutive Taiwanese heptathlete whom Jessica Ennis claims she could have for breakfast.

Ann Drex – Giant German expected to clean up in the women’s shot.

Sheikh N’Vac – Sudanese expected to sweep up medals in the 5000 and 10000 metres.

Jasmine Rice – American expected to put in a standout, indeed, stand up performance in the 100M hurdles.

Rick Otta – American middle distance specialist known for wearing a silly hat.

Ma Mite – Chinese marathon runner whom some fancy strongly for gold and others think has no chance at all.


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